Pretty on the skin, ugly from within

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All lost in a book.  Another image that will never make it into the mainstream media.

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I hate it when white people talk to me like could you not







The REAL definition of White Supremacy (w/ SELF TEST) | Elijah Hamilton 

In this video Elijah attempts to define the difference between systemic white supremacy, also commonly referred to as whiteness, and being a white supremacist. He goes on to elaborate that most people classified as white have been brainwashed into the myth of black inferiority.

To build off this point, it is important to remember that white supremacy, as an encompassing apparatus of institutions making up contemporary society, is the dominant mechanism which shapes white people’s conceptions about race, how they build racial identities, histories, mythologies and stereotypes, how they operate in the world, and perhaps most of all, it is by this process of normalization that they come to feel, if not know, their dominant place in it.

Helping to illuminate just how far-reaching into the subconscious this sort of thinking goes, Elijah asks a series of questions to test to see the ways that people may hold unconscious biases that they are not even aware of.

Check out his first video here. Also, if you like what you see, subscribe to his YouTube channel and look out for more videos. Personally I think it’s very important for white folks to see other white folks stepping up and speaking out against white supremacy. 

Why are we giving him props for saying what Black people have BEEN saying?

Are we trying to make another Tim Wise?


I guess because they only listen when it comes from a white man

We tell them to educate their people. So don’t get mad when he educates his people…


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British woman Harnaam Kaur started growing facial hair at 16 as a side effect of polycystic ovary syndrome. She tried waxing, shaving and bleaching before being baptised a Sikh, which forbids the cutting of body hair. Photograph: Brock Elbank/Barcroft Media

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Public schools in the districts near Ferguson, have closed and won’t open until Monday, August 25;
Meaning that the low-income students who rely on reduced-price or free lunches, 68 percent of the Ferguson student body, aren’t getting that service and their families may be struggling to feed them.
You can help by donating to St. Louis food bank here:

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